San Blas

San Blas are approximately 365 beautiful islands that strech along 200 miles of Panama´s Caribbean coast line. They are part of the Kuna reservation, or Kuna Yala and totally free from animals or snakes, with a perfect tropical climate.

The Kuna indians are fishermen, but they also cultivate corn, yucca and coconuts on the mainland. If you are there at the right times, you can watch them empty their nets and see the fresh catch, which usually contains crabs, octopus and lobster.

About 49 of the 365 islands are inhabited. The Kunas live in simple huts, and every village has one big hut, which they use as a congress hall where people make their decisions. On their main island you find a hospital, a police station and a school.

One of the things that first catch your eye are the traditional dresses of the Kuna woman. Her everyday dress is a Mola blouse, gold rings, a long skirt, red and yellow headdress and beads or gold ornaments at neck, arm and ankle. There story goes far back long before Columbus discovered their lands, and still they try to keep their cultures and traditions alive. Being people of vitality, simplicity and charm, they govern themselves and are very aware of their rights to their own territory.

Tourists come to enjoy both culture and natural beauty of this place, and snorkelers and divers can admire the variety of coral and marine life.

You can get there either by plane from Panama City, or by car (4x4) on a rather challenging road from Panama City via Chepo to Carti. From there you will be taken by a canoe to your destination island!