The Pearl Islands

As you might guess already, these beautiful, mainly uninhabited islands get their name from the pearl-producing oysters living on the seabed around them. They are located in the Gulf of Panama and only a few of the 100 or more islands have actually touristic development. The most notable island is Contadora island, an island with many resorts and homes of wealthy panamenians. It got its name from the fact that it was used by the spanish conquistadors as an inventory stop before returning home with their ships.

Another island worth to mention is Isla del Rey, Island of the King. It is the biggest island, larger than all the other ones combined, and actually the second biggest island of Panama. It has several small fishing communities, but the constructions of hotels and resorts are already planned. You can find a small airport, a clinic and a couple of restaurants there aswell. The population on this island are mainly african descendants, whoose ancestors were brought by the Spanish as slaves in the 16th century to harvest pearls.

If you like luxury vacations, try the resort on San Jose Island. It has 14 cabins and includes a club house and a restaurant with excellent sea food. The Island is completely uninhabbited, except for the deers, wild pigs and other animals. You will also find sea turtles on the beaches and humpback wales are a daily attraction.

Snorkeling and scuba diving is an awesome experience, and if you get tired of the water, there is also the possibility to rent mountain bikes and discover the beautiful nature the islands offer!